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15,rue Sidi Bou Fares 2026 Sidi Bou Said
Phone : (+ 216) 71 740 091
Fax : (+ 216) 71 981 258
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Reception Moorish cafe Accommodation Sidi Bou said La Marsa Carthage
  La Marsa
         » It is the city of your dreams. It is located on the beach with a spectacular view on the gulf of Gammarth. The freshest sea breeze, the sun warmth as well as the fresh fish that is brought to you by the local fishermen offer a great pleasure. The sea village is located in a safe neighborhood Just five-minute walk from the town center. You can find the magazines, restaurants, cafés and all the amenities. Carthage with its magnificent history is just  twenty-minute walk from Sidi Bou Said.