Single Room with Private Bathroom

Welcome to our single room, a cozy and intimate space where the charms of Sidi Bou Said unfold. Walls adorned with traditional ceramic tiles create a soothing atmosphere, while the intricately carved wooden furniture adds a touch of authenticity. Enjoy picturesque views from the window, capturing the unique spirit of this region.

chambre simple

Double Room with Private Bathroom

Immerse yourself in a harmonious fusion of two in our double room, a seamless blend of Tunisian style and contemporary elegance. The walls breathe artistic essence with geometric patterned ceramic tiles, creating an immersive canvas inspired by local craftsmanship and Moorish refinements. Welcome to a cocoon where every detail transports you into a unique sensory experience, capturing the splendor of Sidi Bou Said

Triple Room with Private Bathroom

Ideal for families or friends, our triple room offers a spacious and friendly space. The walls adorned with zellige and traditional patterns add a touch of color and culture. The wooden furniture provides a traditional aesthetic, while the comfortable beds invite relaxation. Enjoy an authentic experience with a magnificent view from your window.