sidi bousaid tunisie

Charming story

This former marabout village was once dedicated to religion. In 1207, a mystic named Abu Said Khalafa ben Yahia settled there in order to develop Sufism. Death made him a saint and the hill of Sidi Bou Said became a high place of spirituality.

Traditional & tourist

Formerly a peaceful fishing village, it owes its international fame to the English baron Rodolphe d'Erlanger who settled there in 1912 and had a sumptuous palace built there.

sidi bousaid tunisie

An open door to art and culture

A music lover, he opened his door to artists of all stripes by organizing meetings and evenings where art, music and literature combined. After his death in 1932, his heirs bequeathed his assets to Tunisia.

Currently the palace, renamed Ennejma Ezzahra, has become the Center for Arab and Mediterranean Music. It is open to the public who can admire its magnificent museum of musical instruments, its architecture and its gardens.