Glorious History

Carthage, located in Tunisia, is a city rich in history and ancient heritage. It offers well-preserved ruins which bear witness to its glorious past. The remains of its ancient temples, thermal baths, and theaters captivate visitors. With its panoramic views of the Mediterranean Sea, Carthage offers a magnificent setting for walks. This historic city is a true treasure for lovers of archeology and culture.

carthage tunisie

Carthage was founded around 814 BC. by Princess Elissa, sister of the king of Tyre, Pygmalion.

His destiny, as grandiose as it was tragic, first brought him to power and prosperity at the beginning of the 3rd century BC. when it economically dominated the western Mediterranean.

But the three Punic wars that it led against Rome (264-146 BC) resulted in its complete destruction. Rebuilt by the Romans in 44 BC., Carthage once again became the most prosperous city in Africa under the Emperor Augustus. Looted by the Vandals in 440, rebuilt by the Byzantines in 533, it was finally conquered by the Arabs in 698. Carthage would then be dismantled and used as a quarry for the construction of Tunes (Tunis).

Today, one can admire on the archaeological site of Carthage, among other things, the impressive remains of the Antonine baths and those of the two Punic ports.

Featured since 1979 on the world heritage list established by UNESCO, the archaeological site of Carthage is draconianly protected by a national classification law.