Hotel Bou Fares

The Hotel Bou Fares is constructed in a traditional style amidst expansive flower-filled gardens, with rooms grouped around a patio, echoing the architecture of other houses in Sidi Bou Saïd—comfortable and simple.

From the patio, in the shade of the century-old fig and jasmine trees, surrounded by Mediterranean flowers and white walls, you'll find the setting for your new life. On the other side of your walls, cool alleys climb the red hill, among these white houses—a haven of peace and a source of inspiration for the international artistic elite. The village remains unchanged in its respected traditions, a living folklore under the protection of Saint Sidi-Bou-Said.

Close to the mausoleum, the focal point of "Sidi Bou Said," a café on its whitewashed steps, sipping mint tea, offers an unobstructed view. The view bounces off the terraces, eventually diving into the blue of the Gulf of Tunis.